Guys, should I reply to his text if he is being rude?

He is my ex, I broke up with him but then regret it because I realized I was the one who was wrong. A month later he started slowly snapchating me about 1 time per week. Then a few days ago he started texting me again everyday. Today we were texting as always but then he got mad because he wanted me to watch a documentary about something he knows I hate (Its not a stupid thing, he knows I can't stand that), I replied saying I didn't think I was going to watch it but then he replied and started being rude with his texts saying that I was immature, that I needed to live more, that I didn't know a thing, and a lot of other rude things.

I do love him and would like to get back together but I just hated the fact that he acted this way and that he texted all those hurtful things

If you were him what would you think if:
a) I replied
b) If I didn't reply

If you think that replying is better, what would be the best reply?


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  • if he's rude better ignore it basiclly...:-)


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