Help!!! how do I stop panic attacks?

I saw an old picture of an ex but I accepted it was over a long time ago but it hit me hard. What do i do anybody?


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  • If it continues here, dear, go see a doctor and have him put you on medication for These "Panic attacks."
    This runs in my family, my sister has had them for years and has been on meds for her own Panic attacks. There are times they still can get so bad that she feels like she is dying.
    Keep an eye on this. Stress can make them worse.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you i feel like something is squeezing my heart, not good.

    • Oh, so welcome, and Yes, a sure sign of Not good... make an appointment ASAP!!:)) xxoo

  • I find running and listening to music help to clear my mind...


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