Does my ex boyfriend still like me?

so my ex and i are both 17 and in high school. we were together for 6 months and broke up a little over a month ago because we were so busy with other activities and couldn't find much time to see each other out of school. at first we didn't talk much in school, but the last 2 weeks he started talking to me more and like not ignoring me haha. so when we started talking more i realized that i was starting to regain feelings for him but I didn't know if he liked me too. so like last week he texted me asking what i'm doing over break and said we should hang out. so we were supposed to hang out yesterday but i had to show up late and that would leave us with barely any time to hang out. so he said he would text me today and we will make plans. He didn't text me until like 3 and said sorry that he didn't text me and that he was busy with something, whatever. so basically he said "we will hang out sometime this week or this weekend though." I just don't know if he wants to hang out as friends or if he actually likes me. Because i feel like if he did he would text me a little more but he literally only texts me to make/cancel plans and thats it :/ so now i have to wait for him to text me sometime this week but i really don't know what he wants from me. any ideas? or is there anything i should do or say?


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  • Just because two people Break up, Romiiss, doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it is Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own soft spot here, dear, there is most likely motive in mind as to Why-----Texted me asking what im doing over break...
    He may be Missing the Kissing and the history that you both shared and being you were an item, he most likely still feels you are the Only One he feels comfy and cozy in "We will hang out sometime this week or this this weekend..."
    Don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve right now. He may or may not want to 'Actually' want to get back together, taking it slow, which could also contribute to the fact that he 'Only texts me to make/cancel plans and thats it.
    When you would get together, sit down and have a little talk with him and find out where you both stand. I believe that if you would even begin your beguine as friends right now, it would be a chance for maybe romance in the future again, by nursing and nurturing and just starting over.
    However, might I be so bold to suggest no Friends with benefits, should this be brought up.
    Good luck. xx

  • Honestly in my opinion leave him be. If he couldnt make time during y'all 6 months of dating then its not worth it. Im pretty sure he likes you still, but chances are he's bored. I was in the same situation, dating a guy, we never had time for eachother or he gave excuses. If it was worth it he'd video chat, hang out for 30 mins, talked on the phone. What ever it took he would take it to make time.


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