Do men ever regret leaving a girl who genuinely cared about him?

I treated my boyfriend with nothing but love and respect. I cared so much about him and he knew that. I never did anything to hurt him and he always told me I made him really happy, but he randomly got really distant one day and left me a couple weeks later. Is it possible that he'll regret taking my love for granted?
Also why would a guy leave a girl who was so good for and to him?


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  • I think if I would be a boy and I would have perfect, loveable and pretty girlfriend, I wouldn't let her go in any cost. I don't get why boys are like they like the most beautiful girls in school even when there would be an amazing girl just for him (He rejects her when she told her she liked him). Couple years later (and propably after a few heartbreaks) the guy sees his mistake and gets that there would have been the amazing girl waiting for him. Then he realises what he has done and tries to go after her. Only to find she's taken already. Boys please. Try to think if the "prettier" girl is the one you love (No offence, every girl on earth is extremely beautiful ;) ). And when you have thinked twice do the right thing


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  • I suppose there may be times when he'll regret it. When I experienced something similar they became cold and distant and eventually left because they gained interest in someone else. Not saying this has happened to you, but who knows.
    I know it probably doesn't help but I wouldn't wait around for him or expect him to return, which can prove difficult if you want him back.


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