Girls, what does it mean when I catch her looking at me?

so my girlfriend of 5 months ended things because she couldn't be in a relationship right now. That was two months, a big argument, a heartfelt apology from me, and endless tears ago. I texted her last week to talk about the worship band we are both in, she was going to bed but said to text her some other time if i wanted. I waited three days and texted then a week later still no reply. I catch her looking at my across the cafeteria or down the halls at school, but when im near her she hides her face from me. Does she still like me? Im still completely in love with this girl, but should i just move on?


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  • I think if this girl really wanted to be with you she would tell you. When you are really into someone it's easy to over analyze their behavior. You find yourself thinking that because they make eye contact with you frequently or because they are interested in talking to you it must mean that they are still romantically interested. But the reality is that if someone really wanted to be with you, nothing would stop them from telling you that. You guys already have history with each other, so if she was interested there would really be no reason for her to feel nervous to tell you so. It sounds like she has either moved on or is unsure of what she wants, and either way it does no good to wait around wondering if she will change her mind. If she ended things between you and has done nothing to truly show you that she has changed her mind then I think the most reasonable thing you can do is try to accept that things are over and do your best to move on. Otherwise it will take you far longer to really realize that things are over, and it will be much harder to let go.


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