Me and my girl friend broke up now I have random teenage girls yelling fck you driving by?

So she's the one who initiated the breakup saying I don't care or love her. Far from the truth tried to explain this in a long letter I wrote her. She wrote back said this goodbye hopefully just for now. It was sad but I thought everything is good. Today Im walking to the gym and a random teenage girl prly 19 years old yells from her car.. fuck you fuck you fuck you! Sounded personal. sound like this has to do with my ex. I remember one time we got split someone wrote fuck you on my car. She swore she never told anyone about our personal stuff.
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Was a busy parking lot but I don't think I cut anyone off.. and if I did I figured I would of got a honk. That being said j was sitting in my car for a minute before I got out.


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  • Ahhhh it is either very coincidental or your ex had something to do with it.

    • Kind of flattering that she must be missing me a lot still she acted like she didn't care. I don't know it was a busy parking lot I don't think I cut anyone off.. didn't notice. But I figure if I did I would of got a honk at the time.

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    • did you act almost like you didn't care or you were better?

    • No, I cussed him out.

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  • follow them bitches, pull a u turn. get a fake plastic gun. make em get outta there car and on their knees... then say jk! its fake!!!


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  • How the f would we know? The best thing you could do to find out is just plain ask your ex.


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  • Yeah dude its your ex she is crazy lol

    • Dude I mean I'm looking back it's a busy parking lot I don't think I cut anyone off.. And if I did I figured I would of got a honk first

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