Guys, what does it mean when a ex looks at every second of your Snapchat story?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 5 months ago. Every now and then he would text me, but its usually to piss me off. Recently, I noticed that on my Snapchat views, i see his name. At first, I considered it being a mistake, but normally my snap chat stories are at least 100 seconds long. No one looks at a 100 second long snapchat by accident. What could this mean? I do miss him, a lot. But i dont want him back because he put me through a lot of bs when we were together


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  • I think it means he looks at your snap chats. Stop sending them to him

    • Im not send them to him their in my stories.!

    • Ok stop sending him stories smh

    • Lol. Omg no im not sending them to him at all. Do you kno how snapchat works? The way the stories are set up, you post one and everyone that follows you can see them. And then you can see who views them. Which is how I know he looks at all of them along with a few other of my followers

  • Curiosity.


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