How to get my girlfriend back?

She really lost interest on me. It seems that all her feeling had faded away. But I still love her so much that I can't imagine moving on with my life without her. How should I convince her to love me? She even blocked me everywhere and there's no way I could contact her. I'm getting so emotional by the very thought that she is avoiding me. Is she lying when she said she had lost interest? Because it has been just 6 months that we fell in love. She used to love me a lot and used to say that she loves me more than I do. Please help GAGers.


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  • As wise as I am here, dear, I have to be totally honest with you because I want you to Now... move on. With all the sure signs of someone who 'Had lost interest,' this One is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    She just got cold feet like a cold hearted duck and probably gave you all the lame duck excuses that went with Breaking this off. She may have found another, has now 'Blocked me everywhere,' and with no more hymning and hawing, has move don herself and probably expects you to do the same thing, zoobiedoobiedoo.
    As hard as it will be, begin to lick your war wounds and focus on You now. Go slow with your own Flow and learn a little lesson in life and in love about this relationship and what to do and not to do and what to look for the next time around so mistakes can hopefully be avoided.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Take it easy my man... it doesn't worth you get sad about it... tell me had you tried to search for someone new?

    • No I didn't. I don't have that face worth enough to make a girl love me. This girl loved me somehow but she's not coming back. She warned me just now not to contact her anymore otherwise she'd involve her parents. So, I just let her go.

    • Say what? dude for god sake you don't need this asshole... trust me she was playing you and believe it or not girls come and go you JUST have to be patient.

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  • Women just do that, and they don't need a reason for it.
    My wife didn't even give me a reason when she divorced me. Said she would one day, but that was 30 years ago.
    99% of the time, it's just over and there's no coming back.

  • PMS.
    Or, she needs space to think and you're crowding her funk.


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