What do I do about this broken heart?

Thair has been this girl i have been in love with for about two years, but for that two years i couldn't get near her because she had a boyfriend who has more money and is better lookinhg then me.
I through this girl was so beautiful that i would never get a chance to be with her.
But then she broke up with her boyfriend and i found the nerve to ask her out, and it actually worked.
I told her how beautiful she was and how much i loved her but she never said i love you back.
I treated her like a princess and tried to be a gentleman while i did everything i could for her financialy.
After about a month she would not answer my text messages or my phone calls, after a few days i found out she was back together with her ex boyfriend, she didn't evin tell me this.
When i finally saw her again she said that i was not good enough for her in looks or in financing and that i was terrible at sex, and that she only dated me to make her ex jealous.

I just feel this terrible sinckess from this event, i feel like i will never be able to love or trust another woman again. What can i do to heal my broken heart?


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  • You have just found out a hard little lesson in love and in life here, dear, that Not every girl out there is made of sugar 'n spice an... everything nice.
    As much a sshe has hurt you, I find she most likely found you a Rebound and maybe a ploy to use as a toy To----Make her ex jealous.
    Lick your war wounds and Now focus on you. In time, you will heal and when you do or would decide to try again, go slow with your flow, don't 'Trust another woman again' so soon, but I do believe, that when you Least expect it, you will... Love again.
    Spend some time taking care of yourself and maybe mingle a bit with some true blue friends. Life is what you make it and if you allow her to make you sit around feeling the blues, she would have won this War of the Roses.
    She was rude and crude and not someone you need to feel heart broken over. She isn't worth your time nor weight in gold so tell yourself this so you don't have to get Old wasting your sorrows on this Sassy Sally.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you.

    • You are so welcome.. someone more deserving will come around when you least expect it.. they are not all like this one. xxoo

    • lol.. Oh, no, but thanks... perhaps a bit wiser, I think, I am. xxoo

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  • Two years ago I bought one for my son and one for my wife. I don't need one myself.


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