How do Guys deal with Break-ups?

Its got me wondering now for days, Its obvious that most girls spend a night in, stuffing themselves with chocolate ice-cream. But I'm curious..? How do the other gender deal with it..?


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  • Everyone is different. I have been through enough breakups to know the pain won't last and that I just have to wait it out. I like to keep myself distracted for a while though. I work a lot, listen to music, go running or head over to the gun range.

    Another big thing is to completely wipe them from my memory, at least until I have had time to heal. I get rid of all pictures and get rid of anything they may have bought me. I had an ex who bought me a stuffed animal and a few books, after we split I donated them to under privileged children.


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  • I've always been the one to break up, but if I ever got dumped I probably just deal with it by going out with my friends to a club, drinking and having fun, and by staying at home listening to music and playing video games.
    Anything that gets my mind off her will do.

  • they go for beer obviously


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