Is this dude serious? & What do he mean by he wish me well?

Okay long story short I was dealing with a guy for over 2 years . Had his back when know nobody was their was there for him when I mean he didn't have nobody . He claim he love me BLAH blah so I was there for him . Than he pulled a fast move on me . He told me he love me and I didn't see it hear from him in 8 days seen him than the same than hapoen didn't see him but we been via text a little nevwe got my answer to what happen and why he was acting this way . So today I got a text he cloaking his intentions was never wrong , wveeything he wvee told me was the truth and that he wish me well ! I took that as an insult and a easy way for him not to admit he was an asshole and own up to the fact he did me wrong . But why wish me well ? Than when I suggested he had someone else he made it his business to tell me he don't have no girl . So its this his way of saying it over for good but instead of being a man say he wish me well ? No I don't want him back but I believe I deserve a better explanation than well wishes .c


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  • This is about your expectations about how you think he should have behaved, he didn't behave that way (or do what you would have liked) but that is outside your control. Focus on the present, the guy is a jerk and no longer in your life, move on with things and don't waste time trying to understand why he behaved the way he did or said what he said, that doesn't change the present situation and it won't provide satisfaction.


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