I cheated on my boyfriend and the guilt is eating me up, i'm depresed and anxious?

we dated for 7 months,first 3 months were like a fairytail but after one summer trip with a group of people he changed a lot and he said that one conversation with this random girl has changed the way he thinks...i got really hurt,but we worked things out....some time after that he said that he is getting a bit bored and that he wants us to look at other hot people,he used to like half naked pics of some specific girls on instagram even his ex's and than he broke up with me...who months have passed and we got back together he now wants our relationship to work out and is actually working really hard on it,but just 7 days into our fresh relationship my guy friends slept over at my place,i haven't slept for like 24h and i wes half asleep and this guy started cuddling with me and he kissed me,few seconds after that i realised what has happened and i started shaking,crying and i even had a panic attack...this guys promised that he will never tell anyone about what happend and i can't really avoid him since we go to the same class...i also can't confess anything to my boyfriend because i never want to lose him since i never really got over him in the first place...im really mad at myself,i'm so messed up,i feel so stupid and cheap specially now that my boyfriend treats me the best way anyone could imagine...please give me any advice and sorry if my English is bad it's not my native language :) oh and also i found out that my bf. hooked up with this girl after we broke up - the girl who he flirted with on instagram...but than got back together with me


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  • You do know the relief you have gave me when i knew you did not have sex with him... you only cuddled and kissed... But that is still cheating... Now first of all tell your bf about what happened... and if he breaks up then live with it...
    I think if you tell him he won't breakup and will Forgive you...


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