Should I tell him I want him back?

Okay so me and this guy had been talking for over a month and hanging out. We have been officially dating for a week because he asked me out. This past weekend on Saturday he slept all day so we didn't get to hang out, and he assumed I couldn't hang out on Sunday so he made plans with his dad. I texted him saying I was disappointed that we didn't get to see each other and something along the lines of "it's only been a week and I'm already questioning if this is going to work" and "I'm done with this, bye".Which I didn't mean. Obviously it did not turn out well, he said a few things like "I was happier when we did not have a title" and "I think we should go back to being friends". But just on that Friday he said he was so happy to finally call me his girlfriend and be able to tell people. Now it's been two days and I haven't heard anything from Him after I stopped responding via text. I'm worried that he thinks I'm done so he won't try to fix it. Should I try and text him, apologizing for getting annoyed and tell him I want to make it work? Or should I wait for him to reach out, and if he doesn't just move on? I really like this guy and I did not expect the relationship to end that quickly.


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  • Yea, when you start saying things like "... questioning if this is going to work" just because of one missed day or after just a week, your doubt will carry over, then when you say "bye", maybe you don't mean it, but guys take that serious, especially after stating your doubt.
    Contact him, tell him you didn't mean what you said that you were just in a mood or something, apologize then tell him you would like to go back. If you want to wait for him, let me remind you that YOU were the one that said bye.
    On your part, don't say things you don't mean and understand that his world doesn't revolve around you only... yet. Because it will put you in positions like this. Lucky for you, an apology tends to solve all with guys.

    • Thanks so much. It was good to hear a guys take on this instead of just my female friends.

    • Thats what we are here for. When you are having guy problems, talk to a guy. I rarely talk to guys about girl problems IF i get any. Maybe a select few. If you talk to your gender, its likely that all they will see is your perspective and side with you, leading you Nowhere.

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  • Went the hell should he entertain a immature girl like you? Stay away from from him...
    You made your bed now sleep in it...

    Or apologize to him and do everything that it will take for him to take you back...
    And i would like you say that breaking up over such a small thing was really a dick move on your part... you don't seem like you are ready for relationship... And also you seem very immature...
    Now drop your ego and apologize to him...

    • *why the hell

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    • Yep! Already sent the text admitting I'm at fault. Let's just hope he looks over my momentary stupidity and decides to give it another go.

    • Well i wish the best 😳

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  • You should and stop sending him mixed signals


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