How do I text her back now?

Long story short, I talked to this girl for over 6 months but didn't make a move. She just got a boyfriend, and after I asked her about it and she ended up confessing that she really liked me in the beginning but didn't think it was going anywhere. I apologized for taking things too slow, and told her I still do like her. She said she would hate to lose me as a friend, but she doesn't want me to end up hating her or me feeling miserable, so it's up to me if we stay friends or not.
I responded with "I don't know either. And believe me, I still want you in my life, but I just need to think things over."
Then she said "Ok, that's fine. Do what you need to."

It's been 8 days, and I still haven't responded to that last text from her. I'm still thinking things over, and I'm leaning towards keeping her in my life as just a friend (because I like having someone to talk to). This is the longest we've ever gone without talking, and it feels like the longer I wait the more awkward it'll be, so I have no clue how I would text her back now.

Would I say something like, "Hey, I got over you and I want to be just friends too" or would I start up a conversation and pretend nothing happened?

Any advice is appreciated


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  • move on without her. it's not going to go well. one of you will get hurt, probably you.

    • But since we confessed our feelings for each other, wouldn't that help things? I now know she doesn't have feelings for me anymore, so I know a relationship isn't possible. And she now knows that I still do have feelings for her, so maybe she'll be considerate and not say anything too flirty or talk about her new boyfriend?

    • your feelings will still get in the way.

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