Can you be friends with your ex? Help with situation?

She dumped almost a few months ago, and she dumped me for another guy. Gave me all these excuses and suggested friendship. I sorta accepted and she went straight into her new relationship afterwards and it's already lasted longer than her and I have. I don't think I can ever forgive her, it always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when I see them together. How could she just jump from me to him so quickly and easily? It makes me want to beat her bf up. "You took my girl", "You made her dump me"! etc etc.
It hurts even more when she seems to be doing all she can to keep in touch with me. She's still extremely open to conversation with me and I'm doing my absolute best to stay no contact but it's virtually impossible. She'll always find a way to come talk to me in person, I can't really hide and so I keep the convo short and cold. But she doesn't get the message.

Should I stay friends with my ex and just give up about getting her back? Or should I give her the cold shoulder and drop her completely (tell her straight up to f* off?).
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  • I dont care what no one says, you can't be friends with your ex. We all tried it, and its possible but its not healthy. Im not saying give her the cold shoulder, its okay to speak. But other than that, let her do her and you do you. I understand completely, im so in love with my ex and I would love to be friends, but i know it isn't good for my health... or my sanity


Most Helpful Guy

  • I am friends still with my only ex. Have you straight up told her how you feel when she does this? She probably does not know that you dislike it soo much

    • no I haven't. Should I tell her straight up then? What should I say. Thanks for the reply

    • No problem! Next time you should say something to the effect of:
      "Hey I would not like to see or talk to you for a while because every time I see you and him, or even just you being here talking to me really hurts because I have not moved on from what happened yet. If she does not get it after that. Then I would just not even talk to her for a while, even when she sees yu in person.

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  • No, you can't its way too painful besides I might have agreed with this friend and all thing if she hadn't done what she has done. You can't be friends with those whom you feel for, it's just no-no for me.


What Guys Said 1

  • Im friends with some of my exes


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