What to do? just got dumped by bf of 6 years?

I been with my bf for 6 years, almost 7 years. we dated when I was 14 he was 20. i am now 18 and he is 24. I been having problems with my bf because the way i am. i am insecure and i ask him too many questions and bring the past. I really love this man but i cannot control asking all these question. so today he told me he is tired of all the questions and that this relationship is oly about questions all the time. i was upset so i told him to leave me if he wants to be happy and he did. he told me that it was over and that it was the last text he will send me. after that i send him 3 messages saying that i love him and that i am trying to change and to give me another chance. he never replied. we would break upbefore and get back together but this time i feel like its for real. i want to marry this guy but i now he is tired of my questions and honestly i am trying to change. what do i do?


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  • Personally, asking questions doesn't seem like a deal breaker for a relationship. Give him some space, and let him miss you. If he can't even give you a chance then perhaps he's not the right person for you. There will be someone who doesn't get frustrated at you for asking questions. Also, him breaking up with you through text was not right.


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  • wait what?

    "I been with my bf for 6 years"
    "we dated when I was 14 he was 20"
    "i am now 18 and he is 24"

    14+6=20 and 20+6=26
    18-14=4 and 24-20=4

    are you sure you weren't dating for 4 years?

    • It was illegally too...

    • I got a little confused about that, too.

    • yea i accidently put 6 years. n yea i know it wasn't right and we got caught by cops but yet we made it through the age difference

  • He doesn't want to be with you anymore. You don't love the dude. If you did you'd be ok with him not being with you as long as it made him happy. You only care about him being with you. That's not love it's infatuation. Just move on. Be single for a little while and be comfortable with yourself because you seem to have some dependency and self confidence issues.

  • Man that sucks.


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  • let him come to you or get over him..


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