Should I contact him?

bf left me today and i text him 3 times saying sorry ad to give me another chance but he never replied. i feel like i should stop contacting him and give him space but at moments i get so much pain cuz i love him and been with him for years and i feel like texting him


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  • Don't contact him right away. It may overwhelm him. Give him his space for sometime. After it's been a while, tell him whatever it is you need to tell him. If he doesn't come back to you after that, then let him go.

    • thank you, every time we break up he will contact me after 3 days no more than 3 days passes w him not contacting me. but this time i feel like he was serious about the break up n like he will never want to get back :(

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    • i will. i'm going to wait 3 days and if he doesn't contact me in those 3 days i'll message him one last time with everything i have to say. thanks

    • No problem and good luck on your relationship. I hope you guys last.

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