Anyone have advice or stories?

my boyfriend and i have been broken up for a month. we recently talked about our break up and he said there's no chance in getting back together and wants to remain friends because he doesn't love me anymore. he's not completely over me either. i asked him "let's go out for lunch right now then because it'd be nice if we hung out as friends." he said "next week we can go out to lunch." which is this weekend. is it a good idea to take a lunch outing with him? is it a good way to show him that i'm a different person than i was when i was in a relationship with him?

i really want to show him i'm a better person and that i can be better in our relationship and i feel that taking this lunch outing is an opportunity. an opportunity to show i'm a different person as a friend for now. i know it'll take time but does anyone have any stories that were in the same situation as me?


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  • i just broke up w my bf of 6 years :( n i feel like we will never go back.
    but if he said he thinks u guys will never get back then maybe he means it. its ur decision if u want to go to lunch with him. it might make u believe in a opportunity with him but there migh not be any. maybe he will just want to be friends with u and that's all but who knows


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