Why he does that?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up since 3 months now.. We are in the same uni and don't see each other everyday, just 1 or 2 times. We just started uni since 5 weeks. I've seen that the first two weeks, he looked at me but was embarrassed at the same time but I've ignore him, like i've didn't seen him looking at me. Even at a party he sat next to me and said hi. For me, I tried to make effort to stay in good relation because we have the same group of friends. Now since 3 weeks he's acting very weird.. he is distant and doesn't say hi.. When he plan to do something he exclude me of the group.. This is so strange because he was looking at me and then he act like i'm not here.. I know him very well, and I know he has a huge ego.. I think he is doing the ''follow me I flee you, i flee you, you follow me'' with me.. He knows that he has hurt me a lot.. A friednd ask him why was he acting like that to me and why he doesn't say hi, and my ex reply that he didn't remember that he didn't say hi to me. What do you think? he maybe wants to come back?
anyone pleaaase? I really need to know what you thinks guys help
pleeeeeeeease anyone? :( :(


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  • honestly, i know what that feels like and... if you just think to yourself that everything happens for a reason, move forward don't step back, because if you fall to your knee's for this guy, his ego grows and his ego just turns him into a more ignorant person and it won't get him girls at all, if you show him that you don't care... he'll crawl to you... TRUST ME! he just likes the control, it's a spite thing.

    • yeah thanks for the advice.. but I show him that i don't care.. I saw him looking at me when I'm like maybe 20 meters of him but when i'm next to him he doesn't speak and he looks downward you know.. When i said he has a huge ego, what i mean by that is that he won;t admit that we wants me back something like that.. what do you think he is trying to do?

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  • ... But I've ignored him...
    This could very well be the reason of the season now here, dear, why he is acting like this now. He feels you may have put him on your pay no mind list and now he is playing 'Tit for tat.'
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X even in his own Softie Spot, many times over he will also try to Mark one in your own when He------Sat next to me and said hi,
    He may or may not 'Wants to come back,' but want to a friends with benefits factor for awhile. Many times when couples split, it's sometimes the guys who don't want strings attached but a more light and sweet sort of free bird relationship of not being hooked at the hip.
    If you want to bother, being you have friends in your circle, make an attempt, be civil and if he still gives you this attitude, then ignore him and no need even to "He said, she said," let it go. He will come around if he cares enough.
    Just buyer beware his own possible motives in mind.
    Good luck. xx


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