Why did my ex send me this message?

My ex, who I used to be good with friends deleted me off his fb 6-7 months ago because he got into a new relationship. He actually deleted all his ex's.

Yesterday, he inboxed me saying 'Hi. I had a dream with you in it. Hope you're ok'

I replied back saying hi and asking how he was doing and what the dream was about. It's been more than a day now and he hasn't opened the message.

Why did he send me a message in the first place after deleting me?


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  • Because he believes dreams come true and just wanted to be sure the T rex DIDN'T eat you.


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  • Similar thing happened to me a few months back - only that my ex asked me really personal stuff that made me really uncomfortable. I think that he really messaged you just to see how you've been doing... or maybe just want to see how you react to his message to know whether or not you still have feelings for him (or still bitter with the breakup/him deleting you and being in another relationship)


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  • i guess the dream was bad and he wants 2 explan it 2 u... maybe he hasn't logged in yet basically


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