How to move on from your first break up/first love? I was with him for five years?

When my ex broke up with me a week ago I haven't been the same :( it was an ugly break up he wanted to end the relationship because he "knows" I cheated on him after work. But that is not true, I have never cheated on him. He is literally the only guy I spoke to when we were together. I know in my heart I wouldn't want hurt him like that. He said some really nasty things to me like "I was using you the whole time" and "my other ex girlfriend is so much prettier than you" and "I'll get girls to bash you" :( -oh no I'm crying right now :(

i I just don't understand Why this is happening to me? Why is he being so malicious? How can I get away from this ?


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  • you need to find someone who will be your friend and lend you an ear. Talk to stranger and im sure they will help you understand teh situation and help you deal with it


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  • There is clearly other issues, (his, not yours) at work here. My first thought is transference. Often people will transfer negitive feelings or emotions onto another person, in order to stop feeling them. In this case, he may be transferring his guilty feeling of cheating unto you. Could he have been cheating with his ex and be wanting to get back with her? And that's why he started such an ugly fight and break up? Just remember, this is not about you at all. You have been a supportive girlfriend and deserve better.

    • Thank you for your answer
      I was thinking about that possibility of him cheating on me but my heart didn't want to believe it :(

    • I am so sorry that this is happening to you! But in a few years, when you find someone who is amazingly sweet and kind, you will hardly remember this horrible man.

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