Guys, i'm recently divorced 6 months. Now I'm ready to meet people and have fun? Is he into me?

I was married for 12 years, i dont know anything about a mans behavior. Around the same time as my divorce being finalized I met a guy at a job site I was on for 4 months. I found him interesting to start off but I didn't pursue it. However he started to approach me and what seemed like wanting to get to know me. When time alowed we would talk sometimes for way to long. There were times we were talking and he had to leave but found it difficult. The more we talked the more I started to think he was interested in me. Than I moved to another job site for 2 months. I realized I missed what I think was flirting and him. Now we are back again on a job and I'm just as confused as I was before. All the other guys question me if we were ever together but the answer is always no. It seems he try to get me to give him confirmation on what I think of him but I never ask the same questions. There are days recently that I feel he has kept his distance from me but I'm not sure if there is anything there between us for it to be an issue. Since I am not looking to be serious I have never applied pressure to it. There was one occasion that he seem to get jealous of another guy talking to me. We have talked about sexual things but not to much that i feel thats all he wants. It's slow going and I'm trying to follow his lead. So is he into me or is it all a game?
He has made comments about hanging out but has never straight asked. He also knows my history and how I wasn't ready by just having general conversation. I am ready to ask him but don't want it to be awkward if his intentions are different than I'm thinking.


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  • I'd say he probably likes you. Some men find it hard to actually ask a woman out so they just keep chatting away like it's just gonna happen. You could always take the lead and ask him if he would like to go catch a film or something. That way you can't seem too forward.


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