Is it bad to a woman's self-esteem to dump her because she's too aggressive?

About 10 minutes ago, I broke up with my girlfriend through text (Yes I know it's ****** up but I didn't want to do it in person). I told her that she was very mean and rude to me sometimes. She responded by saying "I had no idea I was mean but I do come off as aggressive, you should've said something sooner." I told her "it's best if we didn't see each other anymore because I don't find aggressive women attractive." She said "Ok babes." I won't let any woman treat me like crap. Besides, she didn't seem bothered by it anyways. Right?


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  • She's probably the type to conceal her feelings.
    She probably was covering up her hurt.
    But yes, she had a point.
    You should have told her that in the beginning perhaps she wasn't aware of her aggressive behavior.
    You know how many times I have to point things out to people about themselves because they don't seem to notice it? It's like these traits are embedded in certain people so deep that they don't even know it's there.
    But congrats for standing up for yourself !
    Whether sooner or later, it is great you didn't tolerate it


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  • Getting dumped can hurt anyone. Even if she was about to dump you, getting dumped first could still hurt her self esteem. I suspect it bothered her more than she showed. A lot of the time people don't want to show pain in front of the person dumping them.


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  • If I were her, I would consider you the coward because you're sending this over text and I wouldn't care.

    Depending on the woman, it could hurt. For me and it seems like her, we don't care.

    There are ways to approach her aggressiveness and let her know that it bothers you without dumping her anyway. It seems to show that you didn't care about her in the first place. But if she was "treating you like crap" then I can understand your attitude.

    Are you very sensitive?

    • Yes I am sensitive. I also don't tolerate disrespect from anybody. She was nice and sweet at first. But then her attitude changed into aggressive and rude. So she had to go.

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    • She claimed she had family problems but wouldn't tell me what was going on. That's when the change happened. She would scream at me through the phone, criticize me constantly, and a few days ago she punched me in the arm. Still wanna call me the bad guy? I did nothing wrong.

    • 1) No one called you a bad guy. I said coward. If you're assuming they're synonymous, that's you. What did I say about "embellishing details"? 2) Family problems cause stress and she seemed to alleviate it in the WRONG manner. Criticizing you unfairly is not right nor is screaming at you. And I'm assuming the punch in the arm was one that hurt you, otherwise you wouldn't have stated it. She's wrong in my opinion.

  • Had you been giving her hints and cues before that this behavior wasn't cool?

    • We talked it out and we are back together. She said the reason she was in a bad mood was because her grandmother died.

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    • ^ He's right.

    • What do you mean? Lol. Jk;)

  • No, a woman would dump a guy for the same reason, so there shouldn't be a double standard. It's a lack of respect on her part.


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  • How long were you with her?

    • 7 months.

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    • She was very sweet in the beginning. Then around the 6th month part, she changed into an aggressive mean person.

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