Guys, how can a guy fall out of love when he once so strongly felt for a girl and was very serious? How can he break up cuz she made mistakes?

He loved her a lot and after breaking up he knows she still loves him so even if she made mistakes why can't he come back? How can he fall out of love?


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  • People can fall out of love. What is usually the case though, is that it was not 'real' love in the first place. A lot of people mistake NRE (new relationship energy) with love, because it is so powerful emotionally. It is the strong bonding feelings that take place in the beginning of a relationship. They can last 6 months, or two years. Different for different people. They exist to help couples bond while 'real' love is slowly building in the background. It takes years to build up. And it is not something that will be erased from a couple mistakes. NRE, that initial infatuation that feels like love... it CAN be blown away from a couple mistakes though. It is fleeting. It feels incredibly intense, but it is very shallow. It is far more fragile, because it is built on feelings that don't stand up to scrutiny. So when things happen that rock the appearance of 'perfection', the NRE can break. And if the feelings of love, real love, haven't built up underneath it, when it breaks there is nothing left to hold the relationship together. It's why a person can go from feeling like the person is the most important person in the universe to a hated enemy in a day. That doesn't happen with love. It can only happen with NRE breaking, and there being nothing built underneath it.


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