Help me get my girl back, to re attract her?

Ben everything you sent me I read, and it's a lot .. I'd never judge U on ur past bc u can't help ur past or take it back. I don't see you any different from before.. I just even after reading everything u wrote I know u love and care about me but not in the way I think you should or the way i deserve.. I'm not saying you weren't a great boyfriend bc u were U are so ambitious and driven and a good hearted person and I'd never take that away from you.. Before we got together U were one of my best friends and when we got together it was great but during the period we were together I felt like stuff I wanted from the relationship was missing and a huge set back was me thinking U always only wanting sex from me.. To me I won't be disrespected but I'm sorry if I'd let you on in anyway that night I invited over after Aj died was just to comfort me and u tried fucking me and it was so not right to me. And it's things like that.. I do love you and care about you Ben but I still need time to figure myself out and I can't promise what the future holds for us.. Bc I don't know but to be honest I don't see us getting back together anytime soon maybe we will but maybe we won't .. My mind just isn't there right now I'm just doing me . I do not want to hurt you but I'm not gonna lie or have u wait around for me. Do you Ben! I hope we can still be in each other's lives bc I do care for you a great deal!! I really do! Hope u understand where I'm at on things! Have a good day

Ben another reason why I ended things I didn't wanna tell you bc I did not wanna hurt you but I think I should let you know.. I come to find myself having feelings for a guy at work. I am so sorry Ben but it's the truth I was not gonna tell you bc why would I ? I didn't want to hurt you.. But I can't help how I feel .. I tried to avoid it but it's so unfair to you to be with you if I like someone U don't deserve that.. Please do not hate me! That's why I been keeping my distance

We are meeting up in two days to talk and catch up, advice on what to do. And not talk about the past and shower her she had more feelings for me then the person she is starting to like. How can I re attract her please help me, I know there still is a way to get her back but I need to find a way, im not clingy im trying to let her text me first and contact me and try to make her chase me


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  • Say congratulations. ... and never ever call. Email or text you again! .

  • Don't... Just move on. I don't know, unless you seriously think that's all you're worth? If not, just forget her and move on.

    • I do believe it's worth it, and I want to change be bad habits for her to see, idc if she dates hime, he is no where near the man I am I know it sounds cocky but it is what it is

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    • If she opens up I'll listen but she will not have the statisfaction of stepping all over me because I know my worth and I have to much pride to let any woman use me as a door mat, I love this girl and to find out if it's true love I have to let her go to see if she comes back. Her problem was I didn't show her enough respect and communication wasn't there because I was going through hard times so I treated her like we weren't together and made her feel like it was just sex even tho she has feelings for another man, you can see she is still hurt by my actions and if she try's to pursue the other guy it won't work out because I'm not a bad guy or a good guy, I know this was bad for me to try to have sex with her when she was going through hard times with her brothers death but I can seduse her no problem and get her worked up, I don't think it might be attraction, I think it's how she veiws me

    • And thinks I won't change or believe my change because how I pushed her and continue to show her, that it was more physical then anything and im trying to figure out a way to show her this change I am not a weak person I have weak moments, I feel like anything is possible cause if bad things can happen there are good things it's just no one wants to do what it takes, what I have is true love for someone and if she does see that I have changed and wants to work things out I know the end will have a happy ending because she wants what im not giving her now, maybe she will see that maybe not and will meet someone better all I know is I know what I want and I want to do better and dating is not going to help me if a girl comes in this time then it happens but sometimes the people need to open your eyes to see that the story isn't one sided and there's more to it, I needed advice not to tell me what to do

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