Do I give up or pursue?

I guess I should go into more about my situation.
Me and my baby's father broke up recently. We had been together for a year and 2 months. We broke up and he got into a relationship almost immediately. When I see him he has a smile on his face like no other. He calls me beautiful and he helps me out. He has told me he loves and misses me but he really likes this girl he's seeing.
How can I get him get him back? im messed up really bad how can I make it right? Do I give him space and let him come back? Or do I keep pursuing him? I just want to make things right between us. He says he doesn't want to be with me. Is he just hurt? What can I do? I need him in my life.


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  • In my experience In getting someone back, you cut contact with me. All contact. Even if they message you, don't answer at first. However, in your situation it'd be impossible to not talk to him for your child's sake. So I would say keep to the least amount of communication you can. Make him miss you. And keep the conversations about your child. The more mysterious you are he'll start to wonder and come back. If he doesn't even notice then he's not right. Hope this helped (:


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  • I think give him time, I don't think he is going to leave you no matter about the girl. You said he still helps you out, I know you said you need him. But that doesn't necessarily mean in a a romantic way. You may need him, but that doesn't mean a romantic relationship. I think just give him some time, and just be friends for now, and see where it leads.

  • You don't need him in your life you want him in your life. And you should stop pursuing him. Obviously he's immature and irresponsible so don't waste your time. My mom was in the same situation as you and she met my step dad 3 years later who (not trying to brag at all) makes 3x more money than doctors make and she hasn't struggled a day. You don't need him, you'll find another


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