Why is my ex doing this?

He said before we broke up that we couldn't be friends because of his feelings for me. So we didn't talk after we broke up for several months. I texted him Saturday to apologize for a lot of stuff and the next couple of days I spent trying to get him back. He said he didn't want to work things out and I never replied to him. That was all two days ago. He randomly texted me today about how he wouldn't be mad if I brought him my delicious cooking. I td him I have a new piece being cinnamon rolls which are his favorite. He replied saying that he would be up where I live and that he's talking to another girl up here where I live. Then went on to say how I should bring him some cinnamon rolls to church for him. I didn't reply back because I would just tell him to royally go fuck yourself. So people of girlsaskguys why is my ex now telling me he's talking to someone else?! Is this a usual thing for guys to do?


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  • He's totally confused, and that's not a usual behavior on men, not on me at least.


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  • why did you guys break up in the first place? just to get some background information?

    • Well he never trusted me and he broke up with me over an accumulation of things.

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    • That does make sense! It's just dumb because even while we were together he said he didn't trust me from day one.

    • Hmm that had to be annoying!!! how long did you guys date for?

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