Why does he still torture me after the divorce?

Why does my ex husband still try to torture and emotionally abuse me and we've been divorced 9 months and it dragged on for over a year in court, he's threatening me, saying I'm not following the parenting plan when he's the one manipulating our kid? I


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  • That's not a fair question to ask. It's totally subjective and chances are you're holding something back.

    I've, obviously, been arguing with women in past relationships and I can say that it was them being completely stubborn most of the time. The second you mentioned that he accused you of not following the parental plan I immediately starting thinking about what you must have done to make him say that.

    You say he's manipulating your kid. Is there evidence or is this just your gut feeling? You can't let your emotions get in the way here. Women tend to do that. If there are rules in place then follow it regardless. If he is not breaking any of the rules then you have nothing to say or do about it. Even if you feel it in your bones... because you just can't prove it. President Bush knew there were nukes in Iraq, look what happened.

    You can try to expand on this question by adding more detail but, again, it's subjective. You talking about manipulation and children are indicators of that. Even then, we're not hearing his side of the story.


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  • He's doing it because you are allowing it. Stand up for yourself ignore anything he says, do your part and record everything he says and take notes on everything that happens for the record.


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  • Keep records of what is happening between him and the child and present them at court.


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