Girls what would you do if the guy u loved, romantically but wasn't with tried talking to your friend you got a job and now he's dating the manager?

The manager whos newly divorced. ...but still saying he loved me? How he needs me?, but he dates other women, and uses me?
. I'm his fucking secrets!!
I was there for 3 years loving I wrong to hate him . :*(
I just want this nightmare to go away
Thanks I could really use some more in site, how should I tell him I'm done, and I really want no contact with him any more he can have the others


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  • I would feel betrayed like he doesn't love me

    • Exactly, and he think we should still be friends.. what a load of shit

    • He doesn't understand why I want to go no contact, he think cause we've been friends before that we should set aside the things that can't be and I should be friends cause of how we was there for each other. .. but that's not the way of the world. I don't need manipulation, a deceitful friends

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