I am emotionless and got dumped for it after 3 months because she thought "we should see other ppl" was it my fault?

We have been dating for 4 months and it ended in this case and I think it's about me being to emotionless all the time
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  • You were dating just 4 months... even after 6 months you shouldn't be thinking if having a full obligation to them, you should see if you can even last the 1 year mark, so i think you got way ahead of yourself, you just don't know who people are at first, it takes a lot of time to fully get to know someone, i hear couples who have been dating for a year say to people they still don't know everything entirely about each other, even married couples will tell you it's a constant learning proccess, your always learning about each other, you grow with each other but you also kind of change at the same time from adapting to things in life, i mean not drastic changes but i mean what if you got engaged one day and lived together?, each and every one of us are forever changing but it doesn't mean we aren't still who we are.

    • Known her for ober 1 year 4 months

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    • Yeh but still since she was your friend it's not the same as a relationship, you don't share the deepest parts of yourself with each other, entirely different. so even friends don't know everything about each other but then when you date you open all of that up to someone.

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  • Imma be 100 with you. You might can be a tiny little but emotionless but not in the way to show it. It's in the way to not be hurt to bad if y'all break up. But besides that try to be open. Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Well to me at least. You can Only hold that little bit of emotionless inside incase talk break up and it won't hurt too much. Remember that.


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  • If she doesn't like your personality, that's on her. And if you were as emotionless as you thought you were, you wouldn't be worrying about this now. But chin up buttercup. There's always cotton candy.

  • You need express yourself in a relationship and for that you need your emotions. I would personally be worried if my significant other was 'emotionless' because I would not know what they are feeling about me or anything else in their life which would guarantee crazy confrontations. Emotional expressions are a must in a relationship and that does not make you any less of a man!

    • I've gone through a lot for my age

    • I understand it may be hard for you to communicate you feelings but I am just saying that she was not telepathic. Did she ever use to ask you if something was wrong?

  • I wouldn't internalize it. Its her, move on :)


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