Should I do something or leave it alone?

My boyfriend broke up with me a little over a month ago. We dated 1 year and 7 months. A lot of things happened b/w us just to break up with me and its to long to type. nun much really happened he just ignored me for a week and then broke up with me that next Saturday. I cried my eyes out of course. I didn't know what to do. Ever since after that he insisted that we remain friends or best friends as u call it and of course at the time i agreed. i was dumb for doing that. I found out he had been talking to a girl that recently just started working with him when we broke up. well after our break up he would constantly come up to me and make me mad or jealous bc he wanted to hang out with that girl & said he hugged that girl n text her n everything so I decided to look her up. She goes to my school n is in my grade and i knew her and she had a boyfriend. I was confused as to why a girl would mess around with another guy by doing all that with him like they were dating? the other day i saw 2 of his snapchats she sent him.she called him baby and sent kiss faces. Of course i panicked. He texted me and got mad n talked crapped to me. Ok i walked into that one but i was confused. I confronted the girl and asked if they had something going on and told her how i felt and what had all been happening. She said no she don't know what I'm talking about bc everytime my ex tried doing all that stuff to her like i mentioned she turned him down quick. She loved her bf n that they were getting engaged n moving in with each other and she would never cheat on him. She thought that me n my ex were together bc he talks about me a lot to his friends at work and she could see he obviously loved me. She basically told me truth and he got really mad bc i guess he was reading my messages b/w her too. He blocked me from everything for reading 2 snapchats n confronting her. He said he didn't wanna see or talk to me again. i really didn't do anything wrong. What should i do!!?
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  • Seems like you misunderstood him, talk to him, clear the air, and apologize if necessary

    • i know everytime i apologize my friends say i shouldn't bc he was the one who was in the wrong. I feel guilty and know that me and him both were in the wrong for everything that happened between us but he doesn't apologize. I've apologized multiple times over some argument but he's the one that makes it happen by bringing up other girls in my face and everything. and i react terrible.

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    • thanks a lot i'll try that

    • No p :D Happy to help! Just be casual with him.

  • I would say leave him alone for now. Juts try to improve yourself, because if you talk to him now, so soon after a serious relationship, there are going to dangerous emotions. you're gonna say or do things that you're going to look back on and regret. Just give him space and show him how well you're doing without him so that he regrets his decison. After a month (if he doesn't talk to you before then) then I would say text him, apologize for what you did and have a casual conversation with him. I understand where your coming from though, i wouldve freaked out too if something like that had happened just a month after such a serious relationship. Are you trying to get back together with him by the way? or just stay in touch?

    • thanks and yea I'm scared bc i don't like to talk to him right now because he always tries to argue and somehow it all gets turned on me and blamed on me and i don't want us to fall way apart. yes i still love him and like him a lot. I don't know about him but yea i am trying to get back with him. n if all else fails then i would just love to have him in my life.

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    • I think I said something like "I missed talking to you too" so he didn't think I missed him that much more than just talking to him =b I know I wanted to have more control and I didn't wanna go back too quickly, but saying "I missed you too" I think would be fine too

    • ahhhh well now i know and will be prepared if that ever comes across! thanks!!!

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