How can I just forget her?

How can I just forget about this girl , how u do it people ?
It was just for 2 weeks I know it's not long time but ithink she's the one & i think im in love with her .... anyway after those 2 weeks we broke up cuz of her family wanted me to propose to her or let her go they were caring about the arabian stupid traditions cuz of that i sent her a message which is : hey I'm really sorry about this but this will never work u still don't know me well & me 2 so it seems it will never work so good luck in life ... anyway its been 6 months from now & I can't even stop thinkin about her what she eats what she's doin what she feels .... so yesterday I've sent her an honest message from my heart actually it's a very long one about apologising about what happened & im ready to make this right & i said in that message please give it a chance & take ur time with thinkin ..... but I never got answer from her until now.... do u think I will ? Or not?
Now I wanna forget about her but I can't I don't know how :'( cuz it seems I will never get answer :'(


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  • Like a Nike commercial. ... just do it!!!

    • Actually she haven't send me a message yet & i think she will not I don't know y... but if she will send me a message with accepting I will propose directly

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    • I will keep read'n your comments everyday cuz it gave's me hope this is wt I just needed thanks from my heart.

    • You're welcome and thanks for MHO, I'll be pulling for you

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  • well i knew very well these arabic traditions ! and i think you can propose to her just to have a chance of being with r and knowing hher better than after a longer period you can get married ( if you do love he of course ) ! you can do it if you want to be wit hher ! and i think she ll forgive you if she loves you !


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  • distract yourself obviously. hang out with the boyz


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