Could you leave someone you really do love?

Met a girl. We fell hard for each other. Her parents hated me saw me as a badboy or omsething. We fought and snuck around for a year. She was extremely emotional throughout this year. We planned to move out. She was dropping her college funds and being disowned from her mom if she chose me. She was so excited though.

Things got messy could only sneak around twice a month or so. I never showed her how much I loved her was kind of afraid to get hurt. things got messy she got passive aggressive. She wouldn't communicate to me clearly.. she ended up breaking up with me. Cut all contact saying I don't love her she doesn't believe me when I say it. She said some hurtful things too. Said she felt used. It was a toxic relationship towards the end. I can't help but think she just fell out of love with me within those couple of months.
  • She fell out of love
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  • Neither option. Your actions didn't align with what you were telling her, it's inconsistent and it breaks trust, she couldn't trust you so she dumped you.


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