Someone help. I have a really possessive clingy long distance girlfriend and I need to break up with her?

So I have this girlfriend that I met over the internet and she and I got really close (She lives in the UK and me in Maryland) but about half way through the Skype call I started realizing that she was really possessive and I think that she is cheating on another guy with me. I don’t want to be the guy that this girl cheats on her boyfriend with. I just finished the Skype call and I realized what a giant mistake I have made. She has already made me promise that I would never breakup with her and that I would lover her forever. I am scared and I want to break things off as soon and as painlessly as possible. She seems nice but the entire long distance + possible adultery thing is really making it hard for me to enjoy this relationship. How do I get rid of this clingy girl without hurting her to bad and how do I find her possible original boyfriend and tell him the news that she tried cheating on him. With me. Or should I just create a new Skype and purge all the data that me and her shared and forget this entire thing happened. I know that it is rude but she lives in the UK and I know that these distance relationships only screw over both parties because they become unavailable with no actual relationship benefits.


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  • Ok, breaking up would probably be the best move for you at this point... but actually break up with her... don't just cut off contact, that is the most chicken shit thing one person can do to another person, say it's not working or whatever, but tell her! It is more hurtful if you just disappear than if you just say hey this isn't working. That's all you need to say, and you will be a better man for it.
    Also, I personally wouldn't track down her boyfriend, let them work it out. That is THEIR relationship and it's not your job to manage that.

    • I want to break up with honor like a man should but when she asked me if i loved her she held up her scars and said "that her last Bf made her do this" and that "if you say you love me and that you will never break up or cheat on me then i don't have to do this again." Since i left Skype i have received 6 msgs as they follow

      1. I love you so much and forever and I will never broke up with you or chested on. You babe your my world my everything and my best and perfect boyfriend ever babe xxxxxxoxoxoxoxo
      2. I love you hottie ;) xxxx can I Skype call me at 2.00 am xxx
      3. Love you babe xxxx
      4. I miss u b
      4. I miss u babe x
      5. Miss u x
      6. I love you babe xx

      I just met her today and she has been really clingy and even when i told her i had to go to work she continued to send msgs. i want to be a man and end this right but i don't want her to kill herself either over this.

    • It's isn't working for you, that's the point.
      Many times women, depending on their age, push and push to make a relationship work and they in doing so push a man away.
      You are a young guy, if you feel she may hurt herself, she needs to turn to her family or friends, it is sweet of you to think of that, but it's not fair to you to stay in a relationship because of that.
      Good luck

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  • The new Skype idea sounds plausible , but I don't know about looking her BF up and stirring the pot. I agree what she is doing is wrong ( if she indeed does have a guy there ) it is the middle of the night there , just send her an off line message saying your goodbyes and don't be on the Skype page anymore. If that is a senario you can play out and be good with then go for it


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  • heyy i live in Maryland too! but honestly break up with her, its long distance so it would of been hard to maintain a good relationship with her anyways.. but you also have an advantage of it being long distance because then its not awkward for you in person since you wouldn't see them that often being a long distance relationship. and just tell her you don't want to be the guy somebody cheats on. hope this helped!

  • Ahhhh, the MAGIC of being in a long distant relationship... cut her off whenever you wish to do so. You can stop all contact, delete her phone/change your phone/ block her on social media (make sure she doesn't have your address (because then things will get crazy and she will stalk you). Then BOOM: in a snap of a finger she's gone.

  • she's long distance. how could it be that hard?


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  • She sounds like a nut. Just tell her by Skype that you're breaking up with her. Then block her.


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