How to get back with me ex?

So me and my ex just broke up. In reality we are miserable but would never admit it. We always are off and on but this time it's worse I miss him a lot and its only been a week. Please help.


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  • Tell him you are miserable and want him back it might get things started.


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  • I'd say give him some time, like a month. No calls, no texts, no nothing and focus on yourself. Do things that you love and get in shape. Then after that if he doesn't reach to you, you try to, by sending him a casual text and then another one and then try to make him invite you out and then you flirt a little and remind him why he liked you in the beginning. Just please don't be pathetic and beg him or anything because that will push him away more. Be cool and try your best to make him realize what he lost. That's what I'm doing right now, I'm going exactly through the same sht... good luck!

    • It's been six months now since we've broken up and I know I still have feelings for him and I'm pretty sure he does the same for me we are both too stubborn to admit it since we've broken up he's reached out to me a few times but nothing came of it and now we are back in school and he always just stared at me I don't know what any of this means

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