The break up reason?

He broke up with me.. He said lots of stupid reasons like its too much or we barely get to talk (we talked all the time)... I asked him what the real reason why and he said " I still have feelings for her" ( her= back stabbing use to be friend/ his ex )... Why do guys break up with the one they claim they would never leave for their ex?
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  • (a really funny one lol) she's A WHORE!!! (lol jk dont choose this one)
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  • He has someone on the side. Find someone better.


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  • He left you because he still loved his ex. You just can't seem to accept that and you're not taking it so well. It doesn't make her a whore, she can't help that he likes her still.

  • Because the first love will always be the first love. Its his friend, no1 can replace her. Not even you

  • there is potential for sex - with a hotter girl.

    your age is a huge factor he is very stupid and horny at that age. Some improvement comes with age for men. "some"

    • Yeah but i just felt that he wouldn't leave me first cause he told me and second cause he is really insecure about his self... But after he dumped me he kept saying sorry and all this stuff but kept going after his ex and no offence to her but im better looking than her

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    • Thanks by the way i kinda have found a new guy well not new cause I've known him since i was in 6th grade but... :) so yeahh

    • there ya go :)

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