Ladies and gentleman, he broke my heart a few weeks ago and now he has texted me, please tell me what do I do?

I was seeing a guy and I slept with him twice. He told me that he just wanted to be friends with benefits with me. I was heartbroken so I didn't answer and I left.
Now he sent me a text message saying that he wants me to go to his place to "watch a movie" (he obviously wants to have sex, he has done this before).
I don't want to have sex with him ever again. But I want to keep our situation in good terms, what do I do?
Should I answer his text?
Should I go to his place and let him know that we are never having sex again?
Should I tell him I can't / don't want to go?
Should I go and really make him watch the movie, then leave?
What is the smartest move?

Please help!
PS: I don't really want him to suffer but to be honest a little revenge would be nice ;)


Most Helpful Girl

  • ... I was heartbroken so I didn't answer...
    And when 'I left,' you should also have 'Left' any idea in mind Behind here, dear, that if he would call with anymore intentions, you will Not Rely to this guy Nor--------Have sex with him ever again.
    No contact, don't answer him. Do Not give him the satisfaction because if you would, you would continue this full circle pattern of keeping the ball rolling and his own balls Going with His-------I don't really want him to suffer...
    Don't give a rat's behind if you would give this bozo blue balls at this point in time. He's out for a roll in the hay and wants a Hay day with you, Friends with benefits, nothing more in store.
    Bid him good-bye and make him believe that this was your own 'Revenge' for even Asking Anything, short of jumping through hoops for you in a Real Relationship.
    Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show... imagine his look when he sees that he is on your own pay no mind list now and that it's just... Sally and his five fingers.
    Good luck. xx


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  • stop being an easy slut and block his number.

    Trust me he isn't suffering at all because of you, just that he may not have sex


What Girls Said 2

  • You don't see him, if you want more and he doesn't, then be wise and stay away. You should have had a talk about what you both wanted before having sex, so learn from that.

  • I have dealt with assholes like this so many times. My best advice is don't text back! It sounds like you know you deserve better than that.


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