I've not been single long but fact is I hate it I dated a man from Mexico for a long time. sad part was I never met him how do I move on?

I really love this man he was 10 years older than me but I'd never wanted someone so bad in my life he has moved on and he thinks I have, I can't tell him I haven't and it breaks my heart when you text me and I have night terrors from him leaving and I didn't even meet him I don't believe he is even real as he never would Skype me I get attached easy and I find it hard to let go so I ask you people here how do I let go of this "person" how do I move on and be happy? How do I get my life back? :'(


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  • Get new friends you will get over him
    This happens when a person is isolated

    • I've tried that I try to go out with new friends damn I even got a new job but its not working maybe I'm holding a grudge is why I haven't gotten over him.

    • well talk to someone about what happened, a stranger
      it usually helps

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