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Okay see I just broke up with this guy, but he then told me it wasn't definitely that he just wanted some time cause in a closer future he would like to go back but I believe time doesn't exist or whatever, recently he asked for the last kiss but he meant the last in a while, yeah I know it's confusing, he never did it but sometimes he tells me he loves me and thing like that and sometimes he just ignores me, yeah I am getting tired but I still want the last kiss.
If I kiss him would he think I am slutty? Or desperate? Which I am not but I know we are not getting back together and...I do love him, I just wanna feel his lips one more time.
Thank you! Thts true i'll do it for me ;) and i actually don't believe in time because he really had time to think about it 😂


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  • If you kiss him one last time, do it for your benefit not his. Think about it, if he really loved you he wouldn't leave you. trust me i know. hope this helps ;}


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  • Kind of off topic, but you don't believe time exists?


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