Why do girls go back to their exes?

This question has probably been asked several times but why do they go back to their exes after like 2 months apart?
I have noticed it's usually girls who are quite young 15-17 year olds, I was the same at 16 I kept going back to my ex we both knew it would never work between us but we always got back together. Also when the ex continues to be in the same social circle they get back together. Why can't they accept it didn't work and there's a reason why it never worked? Like they will meet a new guy who will care about them and they will sort of like them but go back to the ex?


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  • Maybe because they are familiar with them or still have very deep feelings for them. They don't like the fear of being alone,


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  • I guess you can say that's there only true love that had meaning. they were deeply emotionall invested

    • You may be right, my first girlfriend (I wasn't her first) still tries everything she can to contact me, facebook, my friends to see what I am up to, she even messaged me asking if still lived in England, I ignored it because when we broke up she told me to move on, when I did she was verbally attacking my new girlfriend. It's been almost 5 years since me and her broke up but she still wants some part of my life

    • I'm lost of words, but mind says bi**h. She probably liked your comany as a friend or best friend.

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