Girls, what do you do when you lose love by force n you sit their feeling like theirs a gap in your heart that can't be filled?

me n my girl were forced apart by her parents she cried for months during this time my sister all most died from cancer n I break the girl I love heart .... things were very bad I sit at night thinking all the time if what we had was real if all the tears she cried for me were real all the times I hugged her n wrap the tears from her face n told her everything will be ok. I miss so many things about her ,the way she smiles the way she says I love you how cute she looks when she cry's n how sexy she looks when she's mad I guest I most of all just miss her sitting in my lap n cuddle n looking into her eyes knowing she loves me I feel at peace when am with her no matter how **** my day is just 5 min with her n all that hate n stress just fades away now I just don't know if she ever loved me if she did why let her parents force us apart? why let them twist my mistakes n our love in too hate? its been months n this gap is not going away so why do I do now?

I'm doing everything right keeping myself busy trying too make my life better but no matter how hard I try just seems like everything takes me one step back n I gain nothing and I juat have no control over anything anymore I wanna get in nursing school but what can I do if the lady keeps having **** coming up i set up 5 apartment n thats what the lady keeps rescheduleing this is the only program I can get into right now everything else I have too wait for next year. the lady won't be in till the 13th so 3 weeks behind everyone sure i could work but having a job is not good enough for me I need more then that I need too be in school in after awhile of being patience n nice you get sick of bs am doing what I have too yet I im empty I stop caring weather I live our die nothing makes me happy anymore I prayed all last month n this month n guest what nothing good has happen got a birthday in a few days but won't enjoy it. am mostly doing this too prove my old gf parents wrong


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  • I'm going to be honest with you and admit I didn't read it all.
    I think if you like her, you should keep fighting to have her back. If it means your happiness, then so be it. Or try...
    If it doesn't work for now, wait until you two grow older so you can decide your own life.

    • ill be honest did not think anyone would read it i was mostly venting but not much you can do when you break a girls heart

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