Should I still go?

I'm a registered nurse and graduated last May. I have been working in the town I live in to gain experience but my ultimate goal was to move to Charleston, SC which is a couple of hours from me. I had been dating this guy who is a resident from there for about four months but we decided to end things because of the distance. We are remaining friends for now. I still want to be with him honestly. It's broken my heart into pieces that it didn't work out being as we were intimate. I had been wanting to move there and now I do want to move to see if things would work with us if we were in the same city. I've officially decided I'm going to try to find a job there by June. Do you guys think I'm making the wrong decision?


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  • Yes. You're broken up and yet you want to move cities to try and see if things will work out between you two. Think about it. You're literally moving across the country to stalk some guy into getting back together with you. That's creepy.

    • Not across the country only like 2 hours away.

    • That's beside the point. The fact is that you're moving your entire life to chase after a guy who already broke up with you. And yes I know you said you both decided to break up but that also means he decided it too. It is not only creepy and stalkerish and scary, it's actually kind of sad.

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