My ex-boyfriend keeps texting

hi, I know that there was a similar question, but my situation is little bit different. My boyfriend and I broke up a year ago, after few months of breaking up he started to check my blog almost every day, when he started to write comments but in anonymous way, but I now his ip and I know that there was he. when he started to comment my skype mood messages sometimes by writing something back on his skype mood messages.. but this summer I saw him and his girlfriend photos with his parents.. they looked like together. my best friend saw him few tmes with that new girlfriend on the street.. but anyway he keeps acting like that, why? what do he wants if he has a gf? and I think that they've been together for 6 months for sure..

though, he never contacted me for sure like real messages or phone call., I don't get the way , he's 22. thanks for sharing your minds!
My ex-boyfriend keeps texting
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