How to stop feeling sad?

So I've been in a long distance relationship for a year today, like two months ago we got in a lot of fights and just stop talking. Today marked a year of being long distance and instead of surprise visiting her like I planed I sent her a email saying sorry, wishing her a good life and saying goodbye. I honestly think if we hadn't been long distance we would have gotten married. But now, I said goodbye and don't expect anything from her, I don't even think she'll say goodbye to me. I've been crying all day and am just so sad. I could use help.


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  • Just have a good cry, think of all the good times you had. And after that think of what's to come. Oh and if it will help eat a big slice of cake. Its ok to be sad just don't let it rule ur life. Try and keep yourself busy so that you don't think of it the whole time


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  • Sorry to hear, but it sounds like things came to an end and it's time to move on

    • I know. Which is why I'm so sad.

    • Well, to answer your question. I'd say talk about it, maybe you could talk about it to help get it out your system

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