Girls, how to get over a first relationship?

I was in a relationship on and off with this guy for about 2/2 and a half years, we were only so on and off due to the fact she always treated me unfairly, and she was very manipulative, jealous (I'm sure I wasn't perfect but he was possessive and controlling, everyone could see it)...etc.

Overall, I can't get over the relationship itself, it's not him I can't get over (I'm not sure actually, I still have feelings for the idea of our relationships) we had 6 months after our break up not talking, and then our friend had an event we seen each other again and became somewhat 'friendly' or shall I say 'flirty friends', our bond was so strong in that way we found it hard not to flirt. Even though I know he's bad for me, I was so on and off/ hot and cold/ one minute I would be very flirtatious and the other I would back off knowing he's wrong for me, anyway, everyone questioned why I started even communicating with him again, even my family, but its not even the relationship I miss, its the memories and what we 'had' when it was good at the beginning.

So, we stopped talking again after a while because we became close again and he blew it by being his usual self towards me, but I'm finding it hard to make myself get over this guy still and because he was my first its hard thinking of memories, this doesn't happen always, but I on and off get thinking about it, or songs remind me of him (I don't miss him, I miss the way we were at the start, and having a relationship). I just want to forget the past, a lot of people say it's harder when we see each other every day in college, we always see each other around college, but don't even speak, or look at each other now, although I notice stares from him now and then.

What do I do? I'm sorry its so long, I just have no way to explain it shortly, how do I forget it and move on, for the better? Thankyou anyone x
*He* I'm sorry autocorrect.


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