Conflicted over my almost break up?

Conflicted anout a break up? help!?
So me and my boyfriend are being forced to break up basically. My mom said we couldn't see each other period until i turn 18, (in december)so we decided it'd be best to break up and not hold each other back. We are still together at the moment, but Monday we will meet up secretly because before we broke up, I wrote him a 3 page letter telling him how much I love him for our 10 months anniversary. and thats where we will make it official I guess and say our good byes. I'm crushed by all this because I love him with everything I've got. I cried for days over him, and he's honestly acting like he's hurt, but he's becoming friends with a lot of girls on Facebook all the sudden. He's being distant. He took a selfie acting happy already like he doesn't really phase him. We would be been together 10 months on the 9th of this month. I wrote him a letter the day after we discussed breaking up and poured my heart and soul into it and wanted to give it to him because at the time I thought he was just as hurt as I was over all this, and he said he wanted it but I'm afraid he won't appreciate it or throw it away. Sneeking around isn't an option because if my mom finds out, shell put a restraining order against him. My question is, since he's acting like this, and he's honestly the one who thinks the break up should happen (he even said "We Dont really have a choice", should I give him the second letter(he said he wanted both letters) What should I say to him when I finally see him?Help!


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  • It just doesent sound like he is even half as commited to U as U R to him. I would say he isent worth the effort of A nother letter , So how old is he?


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