Guys, my Ex boyfriend told me to move on, but still contacts me to say he misses me. What's the deal?

I became involved with a man that I knew was moving back to his home country. We decided to hook up anyway because we had incredible chemistry. He moved and although it hurt, because I had grown attached to him, I accepted it as the end. Only it wasn't. Shortly after his move, he contacted me to fly to meet him, but due to financial reasons I was unable. We continued to communicate via email and phone calls and after 7 months he flew back to see me. Things did not go well. He chose to spend his time drinking with the boys and I was only able to see him for 2 days. At the end of his visit I told him not to contact me anymore. Well, he did, and after much pleading I gave in and began communicating with him again. He had scheduled another visit for 2 months later, but it was cancelled. He was reassigned at work and couldn't leave. At that time I told him again that it hurt too much to continue on with things especially since he lives elsewhere, but we kept talking anyway. Things were great through Christmas, our second apart. Soon after, I received a phone call from him, and then he disappeared for a month. Absolutely nothing. When He finally did contact me again he emailed me that he had met someone and that I needed to move on. It was extremely difficult, but I started dating again and met someone really nice. When my ex contacted me a month ago, I informed him of my new status and he said he was happy for me. Lately however, he has sent me emails stating he thinks about me a lot and that he really misses me. He told me to move on and I'm trying. He lives elsewhere. Why would he say these things? I don't get it.


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  • He's just desperate.

    • I don't see how he's desperate. He's with someone else now.

    • I never explicitly said desperate for relationship with you. In his case, perhaps for friendship. Either way it really doesn't matter, I know I wouldn't have even an inkling of interest figuring out motives of an ex.

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