How can I get my baby's father back?

I've been posting a lot I know, but I want my baby's father back even tho he's lready in another relationship.
He got into a relationship a day after him and I broke up, his girlfriend also hit had broken up with her baby's father.
I love him too much to lose him forever and I'm afraid I already did. What can I do to get him back or get him to miss me?

He says this girl makes him happy and they're already talking about vein together forever and it's been 3-4 weeks since he's known her. They're already saying I love you. He says he loves and misses me but can't do it. What am I supposed to do? I try to focus on myself and the baby but I miss him too much.

Do guys really come around after the baby is born? He doesn't talk to me or reply to any of my texts. How do I get him to talk to me about fixing our relationship?
I'm starting the no contact rule, has anybody had any success with it.


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  • Why would you want him back is my question? He seems incredibly fickle. He gets into a relationship the day after he breaks up with the mother of his child. And then he already thinks he is in love with another girl he barely knows. That sounds like the behavior of a 15 year old having a crush for the first time.

    • I want him back because I love him and I want our daughter to grow up right. Not with the fighting like I did

    • Do you think you and him would actually get along? It'd be better for a kid to grow up in a one parent household than for them to grow up seeing their own parents hate each other.

    • Yes I actually want him back. We can work on the fighting. I just need him to actually work with me. What do I do?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Stop doing what you are doing. That just pushes him further away. You need to move on. I know that is hard since you are pregnant. It just seems like he wasn't really fully into his relationship with you if he moved on the very next day. If he does truly have feelings for you, he will realize it when he sees that you are living your own life and moving on. You also need to realize that there really are plenty of other fish in the sea. Life does not start and stop with him. You deserve a man who will love you unconditionally and who will also love your child. I know you may not think I understand, but i do. I had 4 kids with my high school sweetheart. It killed me when we split up. It took a while for me to get over it. It was then that I saw the light. I found the real me again. Now I look at hom and wonder what the hell I was thinking. I deserved so much more. Until that comes along, I will enjoy myself, my kids and our life. I am actually happy now.


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  • To be honest, he sounds like he'll end up being a long term headache who will jerk you and your child around for years to come. I say focus on being the best mom you can and screw him.


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  • Why would you want him back? It sounds like there is no relationship to fix.


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