Went for coffee with Ex. It went amazing, But she has not initiated contact since. What do I do?

Hi, my Ex broke up with me about 6 months ago. I did the whole no contact thing, and I have been keeping busy and doing my own thing since and now we talk here and there casually to see how eachother are doing.

We went for coffee about 10 days ago and the meetup went amazing. Lots of laughs, inside jokes, and overall it was a pretty good time. Just like when we first met almost. At the end, the hug felt really close and warm, like old times. She also mentioned that we should meetup again when we are both free. I am not expecting anything from this coffee meetup we had, but in the end, I would like to get back together with her and start a new relationship with her to be honest. The relationship we had was great overall.

But since the coffee meetup, she has not initiated contact with me. I don't know what to think of it. Am I supposed to reinitiate to see when we are free to meetup? Or should I let her be the one to contact me first to see if she is even interested?

I need as many opinions as possible. Thanks


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  • You broke up 6 months ago she's your ex it's obvious she has no interest in getting back together. Move on.


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  • Don't pursue her. Just occupy yourself with other things. Since she broke up with you, you need to use the distance and silence to really determine her intentions. Don't appear desperate or needy.

    • Do you think since I told her to let me know when she's free, and she said for sure! Should I just do my own thing and keep busy until she decides to let me know?

    • Exactly!

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  • Contac her, see if she's interested. What's the worst that can happen?

  • contact her. you should have a week ago.

    • Well, I did, But casual texting. But the point is, I'm the one initiating. I said let me know when your free, and she said "for sure!"... but what does that even mean

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    • That's the thing. We don't know what is in her mind. She might have missed the old times we had, but then again, maybe she doesn't care

    • just go for it. better to find out now than wait and potentially miss your chance. if you actually have one.

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