What's Something Sweet To Say To My Teacher To Make Her Smile?

My English teacher's finace broke her heart last week over a text message. He left her and she missed a couple of days of school. This morning i gave her hug and she looked sooo sad. I'd like to make her smile through email. Is there any suggsetions on what to say?


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  • "You look nice today!"


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  • Your heart is in the right spot here, dear, and with Email,' you are even more thoughtful. All you can really do, which may just put a small 'Smile' on her face, that you thought of her to send your very best is, talk about something pleasant and tell her you hope for her the Best in life and that someday someone will come along unexpectedly who is more deserving of her... Very best.
    Good luck and blessings to your teacher. xx


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  • Wow, your teacher shares a lot of personal information with her class.

    I don't think anything would make her pain disappear... she simply needs time which will cause her to heal.

    A card wishing her sympathy or support would be enough to make her smile.

    I think it's great that you are so thoughtful !

  • It's clear from comments and your response back that you don't care much for B. If you don't agree with what she's doing and don't think she's being a good friend then don't be her friend. You can different ways to meet A. I would think you guys have social media and you could chat on their and exchange numbers and plan days to hang. And if she is willing t do all this stuff to her be then what does that say about her? You don't need B to meet A.


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